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The Super Gaming Brothers Wiki is (as you can tell by the name) a wiki for Johnny, Elliot and Matt's YouTube group, The Super Gaming Brothers. The wiki covers their videos and each of the games and characters in their videos along with the many meme's they have created since they started in 2008.


Shadowtoast102 created the wiki in 2011 using Wikia. Since then many SGB fans have edited the wiki and have continued to add to it.


Today the wiki is primarily edited by Tepig921 and Dream Era but many other SGB fans have been to the wiki and have edited a few pages.


The wiki's popularity isn't high and has yet to take off the way the the brothers did on Youtube of Supergamingbrosfans did on DeviantART.


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I would like this page to be in third person as if it was on another wiki. --Tepig has spoken. 18:38, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

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