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This article is for the group. For the reviews done before 2011, see Super Gaming Bros.

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The Super Gaming Brothers are a pair of brothers Juan "Johnny" Ortiz and Elliot Cancel who, along with Johnny's best friend, Matthew create videos on YouTube. John also has a brother named Mark who has appeared in several videos for both Johnny's review channel and the LP channel.


The SGB originally started with just John and Elliot creating game reviews, however in 2011, Elliot decided to leave the SGB review show and left John to continue under a different name. Technically the SGB still exist, but they are out of the reviewing market. They later seemingly merged with Brainscratchcomms, though they are still a seperate group, and Johnny's review of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing and Pokemon: The Trading Card Game proved that Elliot may still be a reviewer. This means they still do reviews, but nowhere as frequent as before, and each review including Eliiot and/or Matt is informally titled "SGB vs."


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Let's Plays[]

In 2010, Johnny and Elliot started up a Let's Play channel; SGB likes to play. Though Elliot left the review channel, he still helps out with the LPs. In 2011, the duo made a permanent change to a trio when they brought Matthew Metelli, Johns best friend, into the mix.