Supergamingbrosfans is a group on deviantART that contains a collection of SGB-related pictures 

Current MembersEdit

Position Users
Founder dreadedsquirrel
Co-Founders TheBlackHoodedGamer, CWandArts1999, tepig921, skycepter, LucasMaxBros, Royameadow, MrMcJoseph,
Contributers blackcatlisa, oshawott17, jinzothecrazy, dburch01, skycepterthecrazy, JCStorm, WiiMaster91

Contests and AchievementsEdit

Supergamingbrosfans is where LucasMaxBros first announced that he had created a full version of Sonic 3CD & Knuckles & Knuckles. Currently the group is holding a contest for anybody who can draw a picture based on SGB's live streams of SHC.


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