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The SGB Game Review logo used until 2011

This article is for the previous reviews. To see the current reviews, see Johnny vs. the World.

For the group, see The Super Gaming Brothers

The Super Gaming Bros. (abbreviated as SGB) is the previous title of the reviews found on the SomecallmeJohnny channel, Super Gaming Bros. consisted of Johnny and Elliot reviewing video games together (on rare occasions it is sometime solo). After Elliot decided to quit appearing in the reviews Johnny renamed the videos to Johnny Vs. the World.

Current title card of SGB vs., and the SGBlikestoplay

Strangely, a new type of review was forged, informally titled SGB vs, was introduced during Johnny's review of Big Rigs, and it has returned a couple of times ever since, hinting that the Super Gaming Bros. aren't finished yet.
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