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Sonic Generations
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Developer(s) Sega (Console version)

Dimps (3DS version)

Publisher(s) Sega
LP'ed? No
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Released 2011
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single player
Ratings from other reviews 8.5 out of 10 (IGN)
Platform(s) PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS

Sonic Generations is a video game released in 2011 by Sega. It was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series and contains many references to previous Sonic games such as letting you play as Classic Sonic, the original character design from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) and the other Sonic games for the Sega Genesis.


Sonic Generations is a platform game in which characters control the titular Sonic the Hedgehog in two forms: Classic and Modern, in which they must collect the seven Chaos Emeralds, free their friends and stop a mysterious entity from creating time holes. The game features levels derived from 20 years of Sonic history, spreading across three eras, each having three stages and two bosses from previous games: Classic, Dreamcast and Modern, which are played as either Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic. Classic Sonic's levels are strictly two dimensional side scrolling stages, using classic moves like the Spin Attack and Spin Dash, while Modern Sonic's levels follow the 2D/3D style gameplay of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, featuring techniques such as boosting and homing attacks. The following levels are in this game:


Era Levels Bosses
  • Metal Sonic (Sonic CD)
  • Death Egg Robot (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
  • Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Perfect Chaos (Sonic Adventure)
  • Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))
  • Egg Dragoon (Sonic Unleashed)
  • Time Eater (Sonic Generations)


Era Levels Bosses
  • Green Hill (Sonic the Hedgehog (1991))
  • Casino Night (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
  • Mushroom Hill (Sonic & Knuckles)
  • Emerald Coast (Sonic Adventure)
  • Radical Highway (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Shadow (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Biolizard (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Water Palace (Sonic Rush)
  • Tropical Resort (Sonic Colors)
  • Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))
  • Egg Emperor (Sonic Heroes)
  • Time Eater (Sonic Generations)


Johnny reviewed this game shortly after it came out. He praised most of the game but stated that the game had "lost potential". With warm reception towards presentation and sounds and gameplay, but razzing on lack of story for an anniversary title, he gave this game 9 out of 10, the same score he gave Sonic Colors. Later on he reviewed the 3DS version in a Then & Now video, stating it was much worse than it's HD counterpart.

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