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Welcome to our wiki! The founder, Shadowtoast102. Yeah, I know, you'd expect this to be founded by either Johnny, Elliot, Matt, or maybe Mark, but, I was bored, so I made this wiki about the Super Gaming Brothers (heavily edited by Dream Era and Tepig921). Why isn't Johnny here? He too busy for a place like this. In fact, me and all of this wiki's admins feel our lives are too busy for this place too so to contact a wiki admin, click here to visit my YouTube channel or here for my deviantART page.

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    9/8/14 Sonic the Hedgehog reviewed (remastered)

    9/8/14 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 reviewed (v.3)

    9/11/14 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 reviewed (v.2)

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Johnny is a very busy man


Since Juan Ortiz is becoming an increasingly popular internet video game reviewer and "LPer" we hope that this wiki increases in size and gives Johnny an even bigger fanbase. The Super Gaming Brothers are the group of actual brothers Juan "Johnny" Ortiz, Elliot Cancel, and guest star Mark Ortiz, while Johnny and Elliot's Let's Play channel occasionally features Johnny's long time friend Matt Metelli. The four (Johnny, primarily) create videos reviewing and Let's Playing video games such as Sonic, Mario, Metroid, and Mortal Kombat titles that they upload to YouTube. So yeah, it's the perfect thing to watch if you're looking to buy a new game and don't know what to get, and want to see if a game is good or not, or you're just bored and you like watching gaming related videos, or you want to enjoy funny commentary.

The BrothersEdit

Juan "Johnny" OrtizEdit



The oldest of the brothers, and creator of the phrase "ELLIOT, SERIOUSLY!?". Johnny is the one who does all the editing and is a member of BrainScratch Commentaries, commonly reffered to as just BrainScratch. In the Megaman X playthrough on BrainScratch, Johnny was taken down to an inch of his health by Storm Eagle, thus creating the phrase "IT'S STORM EAGLE!", who is considered to be the easiest boss of the Mega Man X games. But luckily on the SGB playthrough he redeemed himself. Johnny is the loveable older brother we all wish we had. Johnny is currently 30 years old.

Elliot CancelEdit


Elliot's appearence in Johnny VS Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

He is the second of The Super Gaming Brothers. Elliot is the very random younger brother everybody loves. But when he records himself, for some reason, he has the worst luck possible. Seriously, no one has ever had this much bad luck when it comes to recording games. But even with his bad luck in Let's Playing games, no matter what recording or not, he is unstoppable in the Mortal Kombat (2011) Let's Play. Elliot may be random at times, but causes a lot of laughter and good times. Elliot has made a lot of sex jokes in the past (but still not nearly as many as Matt), and no doubt will he make a lot more. He also has made some really good comebacks to things Johnny or Matt say. Example:

  • Matt: Want the Starman house, or--?
  • Johnny: Yeah, you know what, let's go.
  • Elliot: How are we going to get there?
  • Matt's smart-ass answer: We walk, Elliot.
  • Elliot's comeback: Oh you can do that? Booo!

~New Super Mario Bros Wii - Part 12 (4:11)~

Elliot is currently 21 years old.

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