Nayrman214 or Ryan (Full name; Ryan Malis), has appeared in Johnny's Month of Sonic 2, and his supporting role in Johnny vs. Mega Man 9/10. He is also the founder of BrainScratch Commentaries, and has appeared on various occasions and he also used to review his own game reviews. He is so far the only one to have a cinematic introduction.

He appeared during the whole of Month of Sonic 2, made a pre recorded appearence in the Pokemon Trading Card review, contributed to the Pokemon Gen 2 review and most recently appeared in the Mega Man 9 & 10 review.

Ryan previously had his own series of Mega Man reviews, similar to Johnnys in that it was MM1-10, though these were hosted on These reviews are no longer avaliable however, the reasons for this are that Ryans blip account ended and the videos were taken down with them. He has stated that if he can find them he will try and repost them, most likely to Youtube

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