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The award winning sequel to Mega Man (NES Game)

Mega Man 2 is a video game released by Capcom in 1989. Mega Man didn't sell very well, and Capcom was ready to fire him as a failed attempt, but the developers decided to work on the game on their own spare time. It was clear that an ambition was placed, and it payed off, as the game netted Capcom an ocean of money. Soon, Capcom as a whole would feature Mega Man as their mascot, and even went on to produce another great game, Mega Man III.


Mega Man 2 was developed during the free time of the original Mega Man designers, as Capcom officials were ready to render him dead. Their efforts payed off, and Mega Man II was awarded many prizes, with critics praising it's graphics, gameplay, and overall satisfaction. This game would later catch the eye of the Capcom head officials, and Mega Man was then posted as Capcom's mascot, seving as their winning franchise. Another well crafted sequel would later sprout from the beginings of such a game, titled Megaman III.


As one of the key attractions of the Mega Man marathon, Johnny reviewed the game with a near perfect praise, stating that it is one of, if not the, best Mega Man classic. Clement would state that Megaman II is his favorite Megaman Classic, despite the fact that he was reviewing Megaman III & the Wily Wars at the time.


During the long time period when the Super Gaming Bros had a hard time forming, Johnny took it upon himself to fill the empty space by playing the first two Megaman games single handed. This game was the second Mega Man game he let's played.

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