ExandShadow or Ted (Full name; Ted Wiesen), is a Kirby, Ace Attorney, and Pokemon fanatic and a member of the BrainScratch crew

YouTube CareerEdit

His only appearance on the SomecallmeJohnny channel is during the Month of Pokemon where he appeared in the Gen 2 review alongside Ryan. Ted was the last of the main 4 Brainscratch members to join, having joined up after the Resident Evil 4 commentary. He is also the youngest of the group

One thing that fans of SCMJ love to hate is the Pokemon battle that he challenged Johnny to at the end of the Gen 2 review, no one to this day knows if that battle actually happened and if so, who won the battle.

Ted has never appeared in any SGBLTP related projects to date.

Gaming ViewsEdit

Something that the rest of BSC like to make fun of is that Ted enjoys to play games that many people play such as Ace Attorney and Trauma Center. Ted is known to prefer games with tutorials that give very deep explanations of video games. In the Ace Attorney retrospective, Ted claimed it his favorite franchise ever, praising just about every single aspect of the game. This was due to his passion for criminal law. The other participants, Johnny and Ryan, also had positive thoughts, though they are far less familiar with the franchise than Ted.

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