ClementJ642 or Clement (Full name; Jamie Clement) is the primary rival of Johnny.

Clement has his own channel, where he has a friendly competition with Johnny.  He has appeared in several commentaries for Brainscratch Comms, though these are mostly Sonic or Mega Man games, and has featured Ryan and Johnny in his Sonic Unleashed playthrough.

He also had made one appearance on Johnny's channel, in the Mega Man 3 & Wily Wars review. He's also made a cameo in the Sonic Generations review where Johnny beats Clements 30 second run record on City Escape Act 1 which has sparked a competition between the two to best each others times. Clement ultimately gave up but instead beat all of Johnny's other 30 second records.

He has made a cameo on SGB when Elliot calls Swoopers Mounties in the Super Mario World let's play. Matt then says, "Clement, what do you say?"

His channel on youtube hosts both reviews and lets plays on video games. At this time he has Lets played the entire Mega Man Classic Collection, Most of the X series and almost all (if not all) of the Sonic mainstream titles and many of the lesser known titles such as Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Chaos. He also lets plays other games, like Banjo Kazooie or Fear effect.

He is known as the Mega Man guy (a self given title)

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Clement did you wont to play superman 64 or doom 64 or megaman x seas

I cant believe u r a channel on Cobanermani456's channel and a rival of Somecallmejohnny "Juan" Johnny!!!

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