The BrainScratchCrew: Nayrman, (middle) Solaris, (left) and Johnny ( right)

BrainScratch Commentaries is a commentary group that talks over video game footage composed of Nayrman214, SolarisParadox: Lord of the Timestream, ExandShadow, and SomecallmeJohnny (Johnny) of The Super Gaming Brothers, that uploads video game commentaries on YouTube, TV and movie commentaries available for download.


Inspired by HellfireComms, BSC started on a blog on Sonic Retro when Ryan (Nayrman214) met Lewis (SolarisParadox) and became good friends over Skype. After a while, Ryan thought of the idea for BrainScratchComms after Lewis introduced him to Johnny. After uploading an intro and a lot of raw footage, The commentating started with the Super Mario All-Stars port of Super Mario Bros., and afterward, the raw footage channel BrainScratchArchives opened specifically for the footage. They are lots of fun to listen to.


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  • "(Crying) Come on, Squall, you almost have enough death spells to be immune to Level 5 death forever! (Johnny: Why are we still here?) *Sniff*, Keep trying!" - Solaris, during Mega Man 3 (NES Game).
  • "Well isn't that a pretty picture? Santa rolling down the street in a panzer! (Nayrman laughing) And I hope you've been good this year, because Santa just took out the Pattersons! INCOMING!!!" - Johnny, during Christmas with the Joker
  • "Can't let you do that, Star Fox!" - Elliot, during Star Fox 64
  • "The Flux Capactor was um, fluxing on me... Or some shit." - BigAl, explaining why he's there in the last part of Donkey Kong Country
  • "Why not? I like torture..." - Clement, starting the Sonic '06 commentary
  • "What was in that brownie!" - Johnny imitating Yacker, during Sonic Colors

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