Big Rigs - Over the Road Racing Coverart

A game Johnny reviewed. That all you need to know? No. but everything needed to say about it probably has been said, even by our star; SomecallmeJohnny.

SGB Reviews Edit

Initially reviewed the game on SGB, which was a parody of a professional's review on it, which ended in the duo of Johnny and Elliot roasting the game over a barbecue. However, it was removed due to copyright infringements, and while a copy of this review exists on the internet, it isn't on SomecallmeJohnny's channel anymore.

SomecallmeJohnny Edit

For whatever contrived reason he had, Johnny decided to re-review the game, with a surprise return of Elliot. Together, the two once again harped on the game's countless issues. While the two were unable to burn the game again, Elliot was given the honor of deleting the game off of Johnny's laptop once, and for all.

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